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Learn Success Strategies From...
  •  Jamie Mcintyre in his best selling book "What I didn't Learn at School but wish I Had"
  •  U.S. President and property mogul, Donald Trump
  •  Apple founder and visionary entrepreneur, Steve Jobs
  •  TV powerhouse and one of the richest woman on the planet, Oprah Winfrey
  •  Bodybuilding, film and political legend, Arnold Schwarzeneggar
  •  The entrepreneurs rock star and Virgin Group founder, Sir Richard Branson
Jamie McIntyre
Starting 30 years ago, Jamie McIntyre took less than a decade to become a self-made millionaire. He then realised the world needed a modern day education system and a 21st Century Education was born.
Over the past 20 years as a world leading educator and success coach, Jamie’s teachings have reached the lives of almost 800,000 people in countries all over the world. His mission is to impact the lives of over 1 million people within the next few short year with these financial principles & help them take back control of their financial future.
He educates people with the very same techniques he applied to his life in his 21st Century Education programs alongside dozens of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors so that you too can become financially free.

His book "What I didn't learn at school but wish I Had" was written to help people educate themselves for the 21st Century as what we are still taught in school is outdated and designed for the 19th Century Industrial Age.
This Ebook Series Will Help You To...
  •  Learn the skills and mindset techniques from the worlds most successful entrepreneurs 
  •  Compress decades of knowledge into these few short key messages
  •  Change your life and live a more fulfilling future
Hurry, This $1 OFFER Won't Last Long!
  • Why generalist skills are more valuable than just specialist skills
  •  Why most people are failing financially and how not to be one of them
  •  The 4 key skills you must master to not only survive, but thrive in any career and how to discover your life purpose
  •  Why current education systems around the world, designed in the 19th Century are a miserable failure and what to do about it

  •  Why you should never let schooling get in the way of a good education and why what you learn when you leave school often determines your success 
  •  8 ways to raise money to start investing immediately, even if you have no money
  •  How to develop the mindset of a millionaire, think like a winner and develop emotional intelligence to instantly be happier and more excited about life
  •  Why you don’t need a financial planner but a financial education
  •  How many people worldwide have transformed their finances in the last 20 years by applying a ‘21st Century’ Education to their life
  •  How one simple strategy in real estate can make 8-15% rental returns
  •  Discover financial formulas used by millionaires to create long-term wealth and how to be spiritual and rich at the same time
Proof that the Education in 
this "Book Series" Has ALREADY Dramatically Changed The Lives of Countless People Around The World!
From: Jamie Mcintyre

Do you have a burning desire to achieve more in life?

Do you want to learn specialized knowledge that could help you change not only your life... But your families life?

Would you like to learn strategies for multiple income streams?
This financial education has the ability to change someone's life.
The impact that the messages enclosed in this book series can have on someone at the right moment in their life is immeasurable. It could save someone from financial disaster, repair relationships, reduce stress about one's future, give people the skills to create financial freedom or more...

But only if you know how to think, take action and become the person you are truly meant to be.
  • This Book Series will help you learn the skills and mindset techniques from the worlds most successful entrepreneurs... 
  • This Book Series will teach you compressed decades of knowledge into these few short key messages...
  •  This Book Series will show you how to change your life and live a more fulfilling future...
As Sir Winston Churchill once said:
To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a vert special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moments finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.
Your financial education matters, and this book series is your figurative tap on the shoulder.
This Education Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...
The Question is, Are YOU Next?"
If You're Sick And Tired Of All The Hype And Claims You See Online Lately,
Then Read And Watch These Amazing Success Stories From Actual, Real Students...
Ross Brydon
"Mastering the Mindset is key to Success"
"My family and I have been through some major life changing events. I had a very serious accident on Christmas eve 2006 and was made redundant in 2007.
My wife and I swapped roles, where I now look after our two beautiful daughters while she works. My search for contribution brought me to 21st Century Education. As a family, we have stepped out of our comfort zone and embraced life. 21st Century Education has not only shown me the way to financial freedom, but has also enabled me to knock down my self imposed barriers.
I have made goals for myself, two of those goals are:

1. Reduce the significance that money has on my life.
2. Help my mother find financial freedom as she approaches her retirement years. 

Mastering the mindset is the key to success in all aspects of life. I have taken the knowledge I have learned at 21st Century Education and put it into action. My journey to success has now begun.
A very big thank you to Jamie McIntyre and 21st Century Education. I look forward to sharing my journey with you."
Jean R
"We Will Be In an Even Greater Position Tomorrow"
"Today we have five properties which is something I never thought would be possible for us so soon. 

Without 21CE we wouldn't be in this great position today and we have confidence, with the knowledge we have from the course, that we will be in an even greater position tomorrow."
"If They Can Do It, Then We Can To"
"I Got Put Onto The Program By A Couple Of Friends, and They Did The Program and They Are Semi- Retired So That Was All The Validation I Needed"
Tracy Raiteri
"You did more to his attitude in a couple of days then I have been able to do in his whole life"
"Jamie, I learn heaps every time I listen to you speak. Also, a huge thank you for putting on the Youth Summit, I went along with my 17 year old son and he is so motivated to get out there and make a better life for himself. 

You did more to his attitude in a couple of days then I have been able to do in his whole life. His new favourite saying is “live above the line”. Every single 17 year old in the world, should have access to the information you shared. The world would be a much better place"...
"Every single 17 year old in the world, should have access to the information you shared"
Hear from these two young 21st Century Students...
"I'll have heaps more time in my life to free up"
On the benefits of getting started at a young age!
"I can basically start from a really early age and progress through the ranks of trading or property"
Jo Harrison
"Our Net Worth Has Increased by $100,000!"
"I increased my salary by $20,000pa and implemented the debt reduction plan that Jamie recommends. 

Now the debt is completely out of  our space and we can focus on wealth creation and we know exactly when it will be paid off. 

Since we did this a year ago our net worth has increased by $100,000!"
"He had the credibilty to be able to take us by the hand and go on a journey with him"
"It gave us credibility and validation that he was where we come from which means alot"
Brad Cusworth
"Escaped the Rat Race in February"
"Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration. I did your course 3 years ago and escaped the rat race in February this year. I owe you a beer."

"Cheers to you Brad, For Taking Massive Action!"
"The strategies that were available to the person of the street essentially"
"Mindset is the First Step in Wealth and Abundance"
"Take some of the Knowledge and Apply it to create Wealth"
Receive My Bestselling Title...

What I didn't Learn at School but Wish I Had

Jamie reveals how a 21st Century Education changed his life. Why you don't need a financial planner, you need a financial education.

Plus My Full Success Library...

Lessons We Can Learn From Arnold Schwarzenegger

Self-Made Millionaire and Author, Jamie McIntyre, shares the fascinating life story of a man who mingles with the world’s most influential business people and famous celebrities

101 Lessons I Learnt From Richard Branson

Inspire and empower the entrepreneur within you to excel to greater heights. Discover what made Richard Branson’s Virgin business one of the top-ten brands in the world and how his unconventional methods have led to success.

Lessons We Can Learn From Mark Zuckerberg

This book reveals the innovative secrets of the world’s youngest billionaire, the man behind Facebook, and it’s revolution of social media.

Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela will surely go down in history as one of the greatest achievers and leaders of any period.

Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Wolf Of Wall Street

Money, drug addictions, sex, questionable business practices and a lifestyle of excesses featured heavily in the life and business career of Jordan Belfort, who had a blockbuster movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, made about him after he was released from jail for fraud.
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How To Buy Ten Properties In Ten Years

Jamie shares his story and strategy of how his earliest millionaire mentor 20 years ago shared with him a simple plan to buy ten properties in ten years and he’d be worth over $10 million within 20 years.

Lessons We Can Learn From Oprah Winfrey

This book reveals fascinating details about a fascinating lady! You will find lots of colourful anecdotes from the life of a woman who, not only mingles with the rich and famous, but changes their lives.

101 Lessons The World Can Learn From Steve Jobs

Discover the innovator within you to break- through new levels of success. Apply the vision the late Steve Jobs exerted to make Apple the leaders of consumer electronics

Lessons We Can Learn From Donald Trump

Love him or loathe him, there’s no denying that Donald Trump is one of the most successful property developers and entrepreneurs of all time.

Investment Lessons Learnt From Warren Buffett

Discover how Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of all time, has the uncanny ability to see hidden value in businesses and how you can apply his strategies.

What I didn't Learn About Buying US Property But Wish I Had

Ever wish you bought Australian property 20 years ago that could have set you up for life? This is your second chance! Jamie McIntyre has bought close to 100 US properties. In this book Jamie outlines how building a US Property portfolio in the current conditions.

How To Become a Bitcoin Millionaire

Is Bitcoin set to become the trading currency for internet transactions world wide, or perhaps even the global currency?
As You Can See...
The Education In This Book Series Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
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  •  Because (unlike other "guru's") I don't make all of my money teaching others how to make money (I actually run real life businesses, I have built multiple income streams, properties portfolios, and more)...  so it does not hurt me to share with you my best stuff for only $1
  • I get more of my products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited when I release more products in the future.
  •  I want your success story... I'm not going to lie. I get great amounts of significance & joy out of hearing students success stories after they apply these strategies to their life, and I want you to be one of them! I'm sick of people out there "teaching" things that they have never practiced, I think 99% of what is said online is complete BS when it comes to financial Education... so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to share with you some simple strategies that can drastically change your life... All for just $1.
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Jamie Mcintyre
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